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International Social Ontology Society (ISOS)

ISOS is an association with the purpose of advancing and promoting studies and research in the field of social ontology and related disciplines. It aims to further connect scholars working on topics related to social ontology, and to circulate relevant information amongst members of the academic communities worldwide.

ISOS supports the organization of the biennial Conferences on Collective Intentionality, the biennial ENSO workshops, and related conferences and workshops. In addition, ISOS assists its members in the preparation and organization of research projects, and promotes the publication and circulation of research pertaining to the domain of social ontology and neighboring fields.

The Constitution of ISOS in English and German.


Steering Committee

Raimo Tuomela (President) (Homepage)

Frank Hindriks (Vice-president) (Homepage)

Anita Konzelmann (Treasurer) (Homepage)

David Schweikard (Homepage)

Elisabeth Pacherie (Homepage)

Kirk Ludwig (Homepage)

Thomas Smith (Homepage)

Hannes Rakoczy (Homepage)




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