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The Origin of Social Ontology

© Husserl Archives Leuven

We have spread the rumor for some time already that the notion of “social ontology” has first been introduced by Husserl. Now we can present the proof, thanks to the kind permission of the Husserl Archives Leuven to publish the above manuscript.

The passage in question is a note from around 1910 which appeared in Hua XII, p. 102. As you can see underlined in red, the manuscript (signature A IV 17/15 b) clearly shows that the title “Sociale Ontologie und deskriptive Soziologie” (social ontology and descriptive sociology) – was indeed from Husserl’s hand. Thus, it is official that Husserl used the term “social ontology” already in 1910. This is a further indication of the possible role of early phenomenology for the current debate.





ENSO III in Helsinki

At the 3rd conference of the European Network on Social Ontology that recently took place in Helsinki, the Vienna Social Ontology Group was represented with a total of 6 people. This allegedly made us the largest delegation at the conference, aside from our Finish hosts.

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