Colloquium on Joint Action and Social Ontology (JACSON)

Program Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 

28-10     Franz Altner

18-11     Leo Townsend

25-11     Judith Martens - Shared Policies and Shared Social Practices

02-12     Franz Altner

09-12     Niels de Haan

13-01     Judith Martens & Jessica D. Bicking - Critical Note on Gallagher's Action and Interaction

27-01     Leo Townsend




Niels de Haan organizes a small colloquium on joint action and social ontology; the idea being that every two weeks, there will be a meeting at the University of Vienna where we will discuss an article (or work in progress) of one of the members in detail. The meetings should last approximately two hours. Members are free to choose any subject for the article that is to be discussed, as long as it is somewhat related to joint action or social ontology. As common sense dictates, the article should not be too long or too short, but there are no strict guidelines regarding the length of the article. The idea behind the colloquium is that members get feedback on their (ongoing) work, learn from one another and hopefully get inspired by one another.


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