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Forms of Normativity: Transitions and Intersections (FoNTI)

2018 - 2022



This October the Forms of Normativity: Transitions and Intersections (FoNTI) project will start. Ten doctoral students will start their new research projects on normativity under the combined supervision of nine professors. Normativity is a comparatively recent label for the distinctive feature of whatever should or ought to be the case. Being such a broad label, this topic covers a large variety of subfields in philosophy. For a better idea, see https://fonti.univie.ac.at.

In the spirit of inter-disciplinary research, cross-fertilization and collaboration, we will organize the FoNTI Colloquia that are open to all doctoral students, post-docs and staff. The aim of the FoNTI Colloquia is to establish a research hub that facilitates in-depth discussions of ongoing work of doctoral students and other regular attendees. If you are interested in topics somewhat related to normativity broadly conceived, would like to present your ongoing work in a spirited but friendly environment, and you are interested in regularly attending meetings and be part of a young vibrant research community, we warmly invite you to join us for the FoNTI Colloquia, https://fonti.univie.ac.at/colloquia/ .